Exhibitions and Performances

2018    Within & Amongst, APT Gallery, London

2017    Women’s History Month, 4Cose, London

2016    Command.archive data, Goldsmiths, University of London (Women’s Art Library Residency)

2015    The Rite Renew, Harts Lane, London

2014    London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery

2014    Tracks 3, Platform Gallery (Residency), London

2014    Tracks 2, Platform Gallery (Residency), London

2013    Tracks 1, Platform Gallery (Residency), London

2013    ChART, Bad Behaviour, Brixton, London

2013    The Rite, Live Performance, The Royal Conservatoire, TaPRA (Theatre and Performance Research Association), University of Glasgow

2013    The Typewriter Performance, The Albert Project, London



Formed in 2013, [NAME] is a collaboration of four artists producing multi-media installations. The work is poetic and cinematic in nature. Intrigued by text, music, dance and narratives [NAME] has worked with pieces such as Pina Bausch’s Rite of Spring and Jorge Luis Borges’ Labyrinths as sources of inspiration which become departure points for a process of research and response. [NAME]’s installations include film, video and drawings, characterised by a sense of framing and reframing, through both the camera and screen.  The installations are the culmination of many moments of shared performative experience and the artists’ responses. By combining these responses a non-linear layering occurs within each piece.

As a collaborative group [NAME] explores the boundaries and differences of working individually and collaboratively. [NAME] is intrigued by how this relates to broader contexts within society, particularly in this digital age and sharing economy. Notions of instruction and response echo modes of communication often put to use in the process of collaborating, such as online virtual platforms. [NAME] considers the impact of these forms of communication - the ease of connecting globally and yet the subtle quirks that may occur; mutations, translations or adaptions. The group explores the use of different channels such as social media, video calls, live streaming and emails and the errors or ambiguities that can be created.
As a group of four female artists, an implicit female sensibility infuses the work. Fragments and reflections of movement and dialogue are recorded from the group’s interactions and these present traces of subjectivity through space and time. An interest in the transition of time and the translation of moments, leads the group to use a range of media and technology, including social media to connect spaces and further obscure the boundaries of time, the virtual, presence and absence. The frequent use of mirroring, reflecting and an almost rhythmical ritualistic repetition, disrupts the plane or surface of the images and videos, producing a multi-dimensional perspective. The motifs of mirrors and lenses are recurrent and reference the autopoietic nature of [NAME]’s work.